Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Great White Disaster!

Obviously, I have been watching way too many shark movies lately. I have a strange obsession with shark movies, and my favorites are Jaws & Deep Blue Sea. I will admit that I have all four Jaws movies, and I watch them at the start of every summer! But this story's not about sharks... it's about clothes which can be just as scary. Hello dressing rooms and mirrors. *shudder*

But this story has a happy ending!

Several months ago, I got a request from one of my Wesleyan little sisters asking me to be her 'hooder'. For those of you that are confused- one of Wesleyan's traditions is asking a special alum or current student to place the hood of your graduation regalia on you during the ceremony.

You see that lovely little cape thing that's blue and gold? That's the hood. Anyways, we have this nice little ceremony before diplomas are awarded, and it's a really special moment during graduation even though you're trying not to choke the graduate.

Now, I am no stranger to 'hooding'. This was my third time, and you'd think I'd have it down by now! I was happily looking forward to graduation, and I was absolutely positive I had everything down pat. I got this beautiful purple dress to wear, my legs were shaved, and the graduation present was ready and waiting. As I was showing off my new dress to mom, she makes an off hand comment.

Mom: "Aren't you supposed to wear white for graduation?"
Me: "Nah. You know Wesleyan and all it's color coordinated events. You're just supposed to look nice."
Mom: *silence*
Me: "Move Up was white. Graduation's not."
Mom: "Okay."

1 hour later, I had a feeling of dread growing in the pit of my stomach, so I turned to the source of all information... Facebook.

Over 15 comments and less than 20 minutes later the results were in. I was supposed to wear all white. Let me also take this moment to point out that I have several pictures from past graduations hanging in my room, and guess what I'm wearing?! And it's not like I normally wear all white... I've lost my mind. I blame finals.

The next 10 minutes were a frantic rush throughout every closet in the house as I pulled out every article of white clothing. My proudest moment was discovering I could actually fit in my white high school graduation dress, although it was a tight squeeze. I decided that would be a last resort. Everything was either too tacky or too casual. To make matters worse... it was already 7pm, and the stores close at 9pm.

20 minutes later I was flying into the mall parking lot with Mom in tow! Several stores and shopping bags later, I had acquired a variety a white pieces to pick and choose from. We knew something had to work together since apparently no store sells lots of all white! Plus, I was being picky! I didn't want a dress- I wanted a skirt and shirt I could reuse and wear with other things! For once in my life, I ran through racks of clothing not paying attention to price tags, and let me tell you- that was the most fun!

I ended up with a gorgeous skirt from JCPenney's, that I can use for student teaching or job interviews. (We'll see how long it stays clean!) The shirt was a dilemma. Nothing was really working with the skirt, and I was starting to get discouraged.



I normally avoid Macy's because I can rarely find things in my price range, but Mom remembered seeing a display of white clothing. Once again, I'm weaving throughout racks of dress clothes grabbing as many white button down shirts as I can find. Trudging off to the dressing room, the first shirt is a winner. It's more than a winner. It's perfect! It's just edgy enough that it's appropriate for work or school, but it's not your normal boring white button down shirt. It looks amazing with the skirt- slimming and professional. Plus, it has a cute black belt, and we all know how I love extras!

Then I saw the price tag.


No way. I did not need a $60 white shirt.

But it was pretty. And soft. And had a cool neckline. And it had a belt!

But it was $60. And I have no job.

Mom was no help. She loved it just as much as I did.

Mom: "You can owe me the money."
Me: *groans*
Mom: You can do lots of chores for Grandmommy!
Me: I'll get it!

We stood in the checkout line admiring the shirt. It really was perfect, and I know I'll get a lot of use out of it. Deciding to just ignore the price, I set it up on the counter. The total was announced and our mouths dropped open.


It was on clearance.

Immediately I went into my happy flailing Kermit the Frog dance. I would have hugged the cashier if I could. I'm sure she's glad I couldn't. People stopped and stared, but I didn't care. I found a cute white outfit the day before I needed it in less than two hours!

It was a miracle.

And graduation was wonderful!


  1. It was perfect and I'm so glad you were there to share graduation in such a special way!!!!

  2. @April- I know! It was definitely a wonderful day! Thank you for including me!

  3. The 'April' who commented is the wonderfully sweet graduate! We are so proud and excited for her. I just wish I had a video of Stephanie flailing around Macy's. It was quite entertaining!

  4. @Anonymous- know Mom... you can just type 'Mom' in the name box. Unless you just like being super sneaky!