Sunday, June 5, 2011

Anthropologie Inspired Ruffled Ribbon Necklace

White Ribbon & Pearl with 2 Ruffles

This necklace was really easy to make once I figured out a good technique for stringing the beads! I saw a similar necklace in Anthropologie, but at $60 there was no way I could afford it. Then, at Wesleyan's alumna weekend, one of my friends had recreated something similar! I asked her how she did it, and then put my own spin on it!

I got the ribbon on sale at Walmart, and I ended up going back and getting several more colors. I got the 'pearls' in the kids' section at Jo-Ann's Fabric, but I also saw them at Hobby Lobby. I think I used about half the ribbon and only a third of the beads, so my version ended up being less than $5!

I've already made another one for a gift, and I bought some black beads to try a different spin on it!

Purple Ribbon & Pearl with 1 Ruffle

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  1. These are awesome! Wear one Monday so I can see. :) Love you!!