Monday, April 18, 2011

The Start of an Obsession...

There was a time when I rarely watched TV. We've never had cable, and I always spend the majority of my free time reading, doing homework, or I was at the barn. There were a few shows I would watch with my mom, and I remember my first TV crush was Dr. Jessie Travis (Charlie Schlatter) on Diagnosis Murder. He was gorgeous, had awesome hair and a killer smile, and I was determined to marry him. And yes... I was the type of child who watched Dick Van Dyke shows growing up. Don't judge.

Dr. Jessie Taylor
Source: Freewebs

Anyways, that all changed once I moved into my dorm at Wesleyan. Cable was equipped in every room and I discovered the allure of channels such as HGTV, Bravo, Food Network, and best of all... SCIFI! Of course, I had caught shows like Xena, Mutant X, and Star Trek when they reran on the basic cable channels, but the scifi channel was a whole new level. Finally, all was right with the world and my obsession began...

Do you remember your first TV crush?


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