Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wacky Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Woman!

There is something so exciting about starting a new blog. It makes me want to dance around and wave my arms in an unattractive flail-something I do quite often. I think I resemble those 'Wacky Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubemen' (yes, thank you Family Guy).

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I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with party planning blogs. My Google Reader account is overflowing with posts on dessert tables, inspiration boards, and DIY decorations. It's a recent development- hit me upside the head about 3 months ago. Before then, I didn't even know what a tablescape or an inspiration board was. Then it all changed, and suddenly I can't get enough. In my perfect world, I would be a part of that and people would contact me to design their daughter's birthday party or their best friend's baby shower. The best part about these blogs are the photographs. The majority of them are absolutely drool-worthy, and I find myself saving page after page of inspirational ideas. It's dangerous.

I have greedily taken over the organization of my future cousin-in-law's bridal shower that my mom was slowly putting together. Before she knew it we had a color scheme, a table design, and coordinating invitations. Finally! My first chance in almost a year to throw a party. I realize I don't have to have a reason to organize a get-together, but when you're an unemployed graduate student you wait till your parents want to plan a party and then you take over!

The fun part about this shower is designing it on a dime. I'm challenging myself to try and get the look of a professionally planned event as cheap as possible which is sending a massive amount of DIY projects my way. Is it sad that I'm ridiculously excited about this? At the moment, I'm more excited about walking into Hobby Lobby than walking into the mall. The sight of scrapbook paper on sale sends me into a fit of glee, and yes, more flailing commences!


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